Why buy SoyAndle

At SoyAndle we pride ourselves on the attention to detail that we put into making our hand crafted soy candles. Our candles are natural and better for the environment compared to cheap paraffin varieties.

Why Soy wax?

We choose to use soy wax as it is natural and eco friendly. Not only that, it is ideal for anyone with respiratory illnesses. By using a natural wax, there are no chemicals such as paraffin which can cause a reaction to anyone with breathing difficulties.

Why wood wick?

Within out candles we use a wood wick instead of the usual string type wick. Candles are relaxing and the wood wick, which burns slowly, also crackles gently creating the calming, open fire sound effect.

Why handmade?

We make all of our candles in small batches and by hand. We melt, mix and pour to make sure that every candle made is of a high quality. We also test one candle in every batch to make sure it burns evenly and throws the ideal scent.

Why so cheap?

If you have researched Soy candles, then you will then they are expensive. This was one of our frustrations. Being a family business and having a relative who suffers from COPD, we wanted to produce a quality product at a mid-range price to make soy candles more affordable.

If you would like to try one of our natural candles, then click here to purchase your first SoyAndle candle. Why not save yourself an extra 10% and get free delivery and purchase a collection bundle here.




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