Top safety tips on burning candles

It does not take much common sense to realise that a candle is a source of fire. With the open flame it is worth remember the do’s and do not as listed below.

Do not:

Do not place a candle on a shelf with another shelf or object on top. The heat of the candle will cause a fire and damage. It is always worth keeping the candle free from anything above it no less than 3ft in height.

Do not move the candle while it is burning. Put the flame out before moving.

Do not drop objects into the wax such as matches and these can burn.

Do not leave a candle burning in a room. Always put it out before leaving the room. The prevents you forgetting to put it out if you become distracted.


Keep candles away from pets and children.

Make sure the candle is on a safe and firm table or platform.

Make sure there is nothing that can fall onto the candle and burn.

Make sure the candle is away from curtains.

Keep you hair and clothes away from the naked flame.

Make sure each candle is at least 4 inches from the next.

Use a proper snuffer to put the candles out. In the case of SoyAndle tin candles, put the lid on.This stops fine sparks being blown in the air from the candle flame.



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