Buying scented candles online is a bit of a gamble. You simply do not know what they smell like. We have put together the below scent guide which will help you understand how strong a particular candle is. On each candle page, we also try to explain the scent in more detail.

The below image and guide is found on each candle description.

Grade guide:

Grade Description
1-2 Subtle – A smooth scent that is ideal for small rooms or someone who does not like strong fragrances.
2-3 Noticeable – stronger than subtle and more noticeable but not in your face strong.
3-4 Strong – Strong enough to over power other odors and create a relaxing smell in your room.
4-5 Very Strong – If you like very strong scented candles, then then this grade is for you.

Here is a list of our candle by grade:

Summer Rose Summer Sweet Pea

Summer Freedom Spring Air Spring Blossom

The Daffodil Anti- tobacco/ odor



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